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11In keeping with必威的网址‘s mission to publish not only the finest work of contemporary 必威的网址nonfiction,but also thoughtful investigations of the writer's craft,we have created a series of tags that allow readers,writers,teachers,and students better access to our archives.

You will now be able to find essays and craft-focused discussions of 必威的网址nonfiction under a number of different headings: traditional subjects,such as aging or nature;varying modes and subgenres,such as the profile or meditation;as well as various techniques and literary conventions,such as dialogue and diction.We've also included a list of "Other Areas"so we can include useful resources that don't fall readily into these categories.

We hope the tags can serve a number of uses.Readers interested in a certain topic,for example,might explore how it's been taken up by our writers.Apprentice writers might use the tags to learn more about various aspects of their craft.Teachers might use the tags to provide their students with models for certain techniques.The tags,seen in this light,make必威的网址a freely available,ever-evolving resource for teaching the art and craft of literary 必威的网址nonfiction.

On that note,please keep in mind that we are a non-profit volunteer entity and do not have the funding to pay for the work we still need to do.If you find this resource useful,consider sending us a small donation,so we can continue archiving past issues.The archive currently goes back to 2010 and excludes the first 13 years of必威的网址.Your donations will help us expand our coverage.

Meanwhile,我们欢迎你的帮助。If you see an essay from one of our earlier issues that you think should be tagged,drop us a line hereand let us know.